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Marka: QED
QE-1830 AIRLOC ABS STD SPADE (1 kırmızı + 1 siyah)THIS AIRLOC ABS STANDARD SPADE GIVES GREAT PERFORMANCE FOR SPEAKER TERMINATIONUsing the latest Airloc technology, this Airloc ABS Wide Spade is the ideal speaker termination to ensure you get the best from your speaker cables. This spade has a dual o..
Marka: Reloop
RELOOP iPhone 2 TECHNICAL DATAInputs: 1x phono/line (RCA)Ground GND screwOutputs: 1x PC (mini USB), 1x output (RCA), 1x headphones (6,3 mm jack)Dimensions: 130 x 49 x 115 mmWeight: 0.093 kgIncl. USB cable, PCDJ DJ software (Reloop edition LE full version) and Loop Masters sample pack  ..
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